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Fire Safety Training

Who We Are & What We Do

FST Solutions |Fire Safety Training & Prevention

We provide fire safety training covering all aspects including, manual handling, fire warden training, fire extinguisher training & all fire safety course applications.

Our training team are professional firefighters and highly trained individuals who whenever have been called upon are extremely proficient at an extraordinary variety of different emergency situations.

At FST Solutions fire safety training Ireland, each and every key member of our dedicated team have long established careers and extensive backgrounds fire service and in health and safety.

Our team are at hand to answer any queries in relation to fire warden training, fire extinguisher training or whatever the course requirements of your companies chosen competent person.

FST Fire Safety Course Ireland: START DATES

We deliver all our courses on site therefore start dates are subject to our own and client availability.


So Why Workplace Fire Safety Training Anyway?

The Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005 states that employers must ‘ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the safety, health and welfare at work of his or her employees’.

Whats Is A Competent Person In The Workplace?

By its legal definition in Section 2(2) of the 2005 Act., A competent person should possess sufficient training, experience and knowledge having regard to the task and the size or hazards (or both) of the undertaking

An FST Solutions Fire Prevention & Fire Safety Course Is Always The Safest Way To Prevent & Deal With Fire In The Workplace.

FST Solutions are now enrolling course participants for online fire health & safety education.

Fire Safety Course Ireland Competent Person


Fire Warden Training

Competent Person

Suitability must be assessed in the light of the specific intended functions. The appointment of a competent person does not absolve the employer of his or her responsibilities under legislation.

Fire Warden Course/Fire Marshal Training Course

Our fire safety and fire marshal training course fully equips the course participant in all aspects from legislation to risk assessment, fire behaviour, fire extinguisher identification and evacuation procedures.

FST – Fire Warden Training Ireland.

The fire warden or fire marshal training role in the Irish workplace is undoubtedly of supreme importance to the ultimate safety of everybody in the building, including the structure itself.

Fire Marshal Training

FST – Fire Extinguisher Training Ireland

An FST fire extinguisher training course  provides Irish businesses with precise and essential knowledge for each active cours participant.

Extinguisher training sufficiently develops all the practical skills required through fire extinguisher safety training.

It correctly is an essential requirement in the workplace. We sufficiently develop you with all the practical skills properly required through our fire extinguisher safety training.

fire extinguisher training

FST – Manual Handling Training Ireland

At FST Manual Handling Training Courses, our active learners sufficiently complete direct moving and handling courses through certified completion of practical safety elements in our standard modules.

Our comprehensive moving and manual handling solutions are sincerely trusted by established businesses across many industry sectors.

Why do  I need manual handling certificate?

The term manual handling refers to bodily activity that takes place in the workplace. Although not always a risk, potential exists where employees are required to perform tasks that may be detrimental to themselves and others and particularly, but not limited to, hazards such as handling heavy loads with the potential to cause back injury. The type of manual handling activity that needs to be assessed is defined in Regulation 68 of the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work, (General Application) Regulations 2007.


“Manual Handling involves any transporting or supporting of any load by one or more employees, and includes lifting, putting down, pushing, pulling, carrying or moving a load, which by reason of its characteristics or unfavorable ergonomic conditions, involves risk, particularly of back injury, to employees.”

Manual handling


Hot Wroks Training Course

FST – Hot Works Training Course Ireland.

Hot works training is extremely important in the Irish workplace where frequent use of tools and other work practices are factors in the direct causation of sparks or additional heat which may be a considerable risk to fire safety.

Inadequately managed and supervised tasks that typically involve equipment such as welding machines, grinders plus a variety of other heat applying equipment give serious rise to the potential for loss of life and property.

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