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We Educate & Shape Awareness That Saves Lives!

FST Solutions Ireland are wholly dedicated to providing quality and essential fire safety and evacuation procedure services. A key part of our services is prominently mentioned on our home page in appropriate respect of our experienced staff and their respective backgrounds. (read more below)

When it invariably comes to reliably delivering a fire safety course anywhere in Ireland, each of our experienced staff are fully qualified to do so. Additionally, they have all served in various long-established and disciplined roles across official fire departments nationwide.  

Fire Safety

Our Own Education & Experience

The information listed below represents the extent to which our dedicated staff have been professionally trained in their own personal careers as profesional fire fighters.

Whilst we are aware a lot of this extensive experience is not directly linked to your specific requirements in practical terms of workplace fire and safety, we are nevertheless beyond proud to abundantly illustrate to our potential clients the level of experience and qualifications they are dealing with when they engage with our team members.

Emergency First Responder


Staff who have undergone this training are fully competent in the management of a diverse scope of  medical emergencies.

  • The function of an Emergency Medical Technician course is to provide participants with the essential skills and knowledge necessary for care management to a wide range of sick and injured patients.
Emergency First Responder


Our extensively qualified staff of firemen and women have each undergone the specific training skills listed in their respective county fire departments.

  • Incident Command Course
  • C.P.C. Wearers Course
  • R.T.C. Course
  • Manual Handling Course
  • Cafs Training Course
  • Winch Operations Course
  • Con-Saw Operators Course
  • Water Awareness Course
  • Working At Heights Course
  • Recruit Induction Course
  • Breathing Apparatus Initial Wearers Course
  • Compartment Fire Behaviour Course
  • Emergency First Responder Course
Emergency First Responder


This is a formal conformation that a person has sufficiently demonstrated the cognitive ability, necessary skill, specific knowledge and competence in order to receive this award in manual handling instruction.

  • Instructing Manual Handling
  • Word Processing
  • Training Needs Identification And Design
  • Training Delivery & Evaluation
  • Occupational First Aid
  • Driving Instruction Skills
  • (ESDS) emergency Service Driving Standard
  • Car Driving Skills


To advance education and promote, encourage and improve the science and practice of fire prevention and fire engineering and all operations expedients connected therewith to the members of the institution and the community therewith .

  • IFE Level 2 Certificate in Fire Science, Operations and Safety
  • IFE Level 3 Certificate in Fire Science, Operations, Fire Safety and Management
  • IFE Level 3 Diploma in Fire Science and Fire Safety
  • IFE Level 4 Certificate in Fire Science and Fire Safety
  • IFE Level 3 Certificate for Operational Supervisory Managers in Fire and Rescue Services
  • IFE Level 5 Award in Fire Investigation: Theory and Practice*
  • IFE Level 5 Diploma in Fire Engineering Design
  • IFE Level 2 Certificate in Passive Fire Protection
  • IFE Level 3 Certificate in Passive Fire Protection

FST Solutions Available Training Categories

Fire Warden



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