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Abrasive Wheels Training Online

An FST abrasive wheels training online course offers employers and employees access to an E- learning abrasive wheels course online.

This specific course is directed towards employers and anybody who uses these power tools in their work schedules.



There are many types of grinding and abrasive tools which operate through the use of powerful & high speed continuous rotation components.

Generally speaking, most of these tools would be used for grinding, polishing, scoring or cutting. They can be typically operated at any active stage of a work in progress.

An online abrasive wheels course ensures that persons who are responsible for using such tools can do so in a competent manner. This is of paramount importance to the safety of that person and those around them. 

FST Abrasive Wheels Course Online

IIRSM, CPD & IOSH Approved


100 Minutes



Source Modules

Many different tools have unique operational properties. Some are task specific while others will perform different tasks individually meaning a new wheel or component is attached.

Such tools pose a significant threat to personal safety in the workplace. Regardless of their working purpose, all have weaknesses and all pose different handling and usage hazards.

Therefore, abrasive training highlights the fundamental importance of the correct wheel or attachment selection to the appropriate machinery.

Please take care to note that our abrasive wheels course is professionally designed for the specific purpose of awareness creation.

If any particular workplace duties are of a hands on nature, further practical training is required. We are happy to provide this.

Regardless of your requirements, please feel free to contact us at anytime. 


1) Introducing Abrasive Wheels

(Pass Rate 70%)

2) The Anatomy of an Abrasive Wheel

(Pass Rate 70%)

3) The Dangers of Abrasive Wheels

(Pass Rate 70%)

4) Abrasive Wheel Safety

(Pass Rate 70%)

5) Safe Speeds

(Pass Rate 70%)

6) Other Wheel Markings

(Pass Rate 70%)





7) Storage and Handling

(Pass Rate 70%)

8) Checking and Testing

(Pass Rate 70%)

9) Training and Certification

(Pass Rate 70%)

10) Inspections

(Pass Rate 70%)

11) Course Summary

(Pass Rate 70%)


abrasive wheels training online


Content Preview

All online course material is applicable to Irish legislation.

Learning Objectives

Abrasive Wheel Training Courses Online

By the end of this abrasive wheels online course you will amongst other objectives be –

Introduced To Abrasive Tools

Our abrasive wheels instructor will show you the required methods in the start up initiation, operational and safe handling of these tools.

Understand Operational Danger

On this abrasive wheels training course you learn why these tools are extremely dangerous and pose a risk to devastating injuries and death in the workplace.

Understand Legislation

Gain a full comprehension into all applicable Irish legislative and procedural regulations surrounding abrasive wheels and their use in the workplace.

Understand Tool Makeup

Gain a comprehensive understanding into the specific composition of which these tools & their moving components are typically comprised of.

Understand Wheel Speeds

Maximum operating speeds are marked on wheels. It is critically important to understand speed control and limitations relating to the task at hand.

Certified & Trained

Your abrasive training will properly certify you with all the necessary skills in elevated risk and hazard recognition to how tools should be properly handled & stored.

FST Solutions E Learning Abrasive Wheel Training Requirements Course

This is a thoroughly efficient abrasive wheel training online learning system which provides course participants with an in-depth knowledge into the potential perils and the many injuries that can occur from flying particles, or dust plus while incorporating safe operation and upkeep of tools, etc.

System Requirement Recommendations:

  • Your systems browser is current & up do date
  • Your systems video cards and drivers are up to date
  • Your system has 1GB or more of random access memory (RAM)
  • Your system has broadband speed in excess of 3MB

The specified duration of this online manual handling course is 75 minutes. This is a rounded off time and is based on the amount of video footage that is shown. It does not consider in any way video loading times or the time participants use to think about questions therein.

Abrasive wheels course
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