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Our fire and safety training course covers all aspects of fire and safety awareness teaching skills & how to act with safety in mind during emergency events.

Its Not Just About Fire & Safety Awareness

Our fire and safety training courses are professionally delivered and designed in full compliance with current legislation. Course missions aim to broaden awareness to the numerous types of potential hazards that can and do occur in the workplace.

Fire safety awareness at every fundamental level, not just the workplace, is correctly of course of critical importance.

Unfortunately as highly trained firefighters we each have long careers having witnessed everyday scenarios where consistent lack of knowledge has resulted in fatalities which could have been easily averted through basic fire safety awareness.

Fire safety awareness



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fire and safety training courses

Fire Marshal/Warden Training

Employers must have in proper place an emergency evacuation plan which is the responsibility of a fire warden or marshal. 

Hot Works Training

Welding, metal cutting and all other types of work that typically generate heat and sparks can realistically be highly dangerous causing fires in precious seconds.

Evacuation Procedures

Swift and safe evacuations of people are very much reliant upon the practical knowledge and necessary skills of the competent person or persons you have intentionally chosen. 

Fire Extinguisher Training

Fire extinguisher training participants should be properly trained at regular intervals. Training must be adequately provided by a competent professional.

Manual Handling

Our comprehensive moving and manual handling solutions are sincerely trusted by established businesses across many industry sectors.

Patient Moving

Understanding proper patient handling and moving techniques is crucial for several reasons.

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