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Fire Extinguisher Training

FST Extinguisher Training  – On Site Fire Extinguisher Courses.

Fire extinguisher training provides vital knowledge in how to put out a fire. Our fire extinguisher course is delivered onsite from experienced fire fighters. 

Their proficiency to provide portable fire extinguisher training is second to none.



Extinguisher Safety Training (The Law)

The Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005 the act states that employers must ‘ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the safety, health and welfare at work of his or her employees’. The person in control to any extent of the workplace should ensure a safe workplace, safe access, safe egress and safe articles or substances.

Course Content

  • Fire Behaviour
  • Introduction To Extinguisher Use
  • Classes Of Fire
  • Types Of Extinguishers
  • Action When Engaging A Fire
  • Using An Extinguisher (Theory)
  • Using An Extinguisher (Practical)

Occupant Fire-fighting

The above act clearly states that suitable equipment for effective use in fire fighting must be prominent in the workplace. Key employees have to be able to rapidly identify and utilise fire extinguishing equipment correctly so as to instantly extinguish fires which are typically occurring in their developmental stages.

A competent person will undoubtedly possess the cognitive capacity to efficiently perform this task having been properly certified and carefully trained by an FST Solutions professional fire extinguisher trainer.

The practical knowledge gained from a basic fire extinguisher training course will equip the course participant in understanding the differences in a fire in its initial stages or a fully developed fire which requires assistance from the emergency services.

Our fire extinguisher course objectives provide all participants with extensive knowledge regarding the ultimate threat of fire outbreaks plus the necessary measures they need to undertake in these time critical events. 

The fire triangle
fire extinguisher awareness

Fire Extinguisher Awareness Prevention Triangle Diagram.

The diagram above provides overviews of required fire prevention for the workplace.


Fire Extinguisher Training & The Fire Prevention Triangle.

  • Fundamentally, unless having attended a fire safety or fire extinguisher training course, when the average person thinks about fire there is little to no proper understanding of exactly what it inevitably takes for one to merely trigger and spread. It would be relatively obvious that most people would intuitively understand the concept of starting a fire by striking a match or lighting paper, etc.

  • The fire prevention triangle is used to describe the three elements required for a fire to trigger and spread. These are namely, heat, oxygen and fuel. Without them, a fire will not start or spread. The standard plan of action in any workplace environment is to disconnect one or all three elements from each other. This process should be carried out by conducting a risk assessment detail.


If You’ve Searched Fire Extinguisher Training Near Me?

Well, the answer is yes, we are! Our team are available on-site Nationwide.


In relation to whichever necessary course we are teaching, when we arrive at your property and/or place of business, we will always require a room size that easily accommodates your course participants.

On-site course training is just as available for a single person as it is for an entire group. Simply get in touch to find out more.

We regularly accommodate urgent on-site fire safety courses. Again, simply get in touch, and we will put all the necessary arrangements into place for you. 

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