Fire Safety Training Kildare


An FST Fire Safety Training Kildare course teaches fire hazard awareness in the workplace & how to react safely in the event of a possible emergency.

Fire Safety Training Kildare

Fire Extinguisher Training Kildare

Experienced instructors at Fire Safety Solutions Ireland are currently, or have been career serving firefighters. All are fully qualified in the provision of fire extinguisher training and subsequent teaching of essential knowledge on how to extinguish a fire.

Fire Safety Training in Kildare

Fire Warden / Marshal Training Kildare

A fire warden is a chosen and designated competent person whose responsibilities in the workplace are to have an awareness of current legislation while understanding site specific risk assessment, fire triangle behaviour together with evacuation procedures and fire extinguisher training.


Hot Works Training | Fire Safety Training Kildare

Hot works by precise definition are the specific application or generation of heat and/or sparks from intentionally using specialised tools and equipment in the workplace.

In each instance, where heat and sparks are typically created as a consequence of a workplace task, there are significant risks to fire and explosion.

FST Fire Safety Training Kildare delivers everything you require to thoroughly comprehend this particular area of paramount safety in the workplace. 

Hot Works Training Kildare

Manual Handling Training

Performing tasks including lifting, pulling, pushing, placing down; carrying plus moving & transportation often involves physical maneuvering under possible injury risky circumstances.

These are often little understood by the active person and critically involve elevated risk of bodily injury, particularly to the back area. Manual handling training is a legal requirement and is provided by qualified FST professionals.

Manual Handling Training Kildare

Evacuation Training

Fire evacuation plans and, fire evacuation procedures in general, form more than an essential part of FST Solutions fire safety training in Kildare. A building evacuation plan is very much skill dependent and therefore performing regular staff drills and refresher courses are very important.

Evacuation Training

FST Fire Safety Course Kildare: START DATES

We deliver all our courses on site therefore start dates are subject to our own and client availability.


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