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Manual Handling Course Online

An FST online manual handling course offers employers and employees access to E- learning manual handling online.

The handling, picking up, moving and carrying of goods, or specifically, doing so inaccurately, is one of the most common causes of injuries in the Irish workplace.

Therefore, in order to offset the risk of injury, manual handling operations regulations were introduced.

In order to offset the elevated risk of possible injury in the workplace, manual handling operations regulations were introduced legislatively. They lay out specific duties for employees and their employers.

Manual handling training online provides general requirements that employers & or employees, need to be trained correctly. This includes the proper use of any necessary equipment that is made available to handle or maneuver loads safely. 

FST Moving and Handling Training Online

IIRSM, CPD & IOSH Approved


75 Minutes



Source Modules

This online manual handling course clearly sets out practices and covers legislation and regulations which incorporate manual handling tasks. Further to this, it takes the course participant through safe handling techniques and how to naturally incorporate them into daily workplace habitual behaviour. 

Our online moving and handling training will complete through the introduction of some practical solutions in the use of mechanical aids.

Please take care to note that our online manual handling course is professionally designed for the specific purpose of awareness creation.

If any particular workplace duties are of a hands on nature, further practical training is required. We are happy to provide this.

Regardless of your requirements, please feel free to contact us at anytime. 


1) What is Manual Handling?

(Pass Rate 75%)

2) Manual Handling Regulations

(Pass Rate 75%)

3) Safe Handling

(Pass Rate 75%)

4) Learning Safe Handling Habits

(Pass Rate 75%)



5) Practical Manual Handling Solutions

(Pass Rate 75%)

6) Use of Mechanical Aids

(Pass Rate 75%)

7) Final Test

(Pass Rate 70%)

Manual Handling Online - FST Solutions Ireland


Content Preview

All online course material is applicable to Irish legislation.

Learning Objectives

Online Manual Handling Course.

By the end of this online moving and handling training course you will be able to –

Define Manual  Handling

Properly understand the definition of and positively assert the precise method of effectual handling applications.

Understand Safety Recognition

Take on board and fully recognise secure handling methods leading into good habitual practices.

Evaluate Most At Risk

Manual handling online participants will be able to state the professionals most at risk from incorrect handling techniques.

Understand Legislation

Gain a full comprehension into all applicable legislative and procedural regulations surrounding this topic.

Circumstance Evaluate

Be able to asses in full manual handling risk circumstances while knowing precisely when to to use mechanical aids.

Understand Danger

Grasp in full the myriad of consequential dangers that incorrect lifting, moving, and handling can inflict upon the body.

An FST Solutions E Learning Manual Handling Course Goes A Long Way!

This efficient online learning system will accurately provide all course participants with a far greater awareness to obvious (and the not so obvious) threats to the human body and indeed, life itself – that instantly arise from habitual practice of poor manual handling. Simultaneously we will cover safe techniques seamlessly combined with practical result orientated solutions regarding the use of mechanical aids and manual handling issues in general.

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System Requirement Recommendations:

  • Your systems browser is current & up do date
  • Your systems video cards and drivers are up to date
  • Your system has 1GB or more of random access memory (RAM)
  • Your system has broadband speed in excess of 3MB

The specified duration of this online manual handling course is 75 minutes. This is a rounded off time and is based on the amount of video footage that is shown. It does not consider in any way video loading times or the time participants use to think about questions therein.

Manual Handling Online
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